Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someone likes me, she really likes me..

...I imagine all creatives have those days. And yesterday was one of them. Aaron and I were talking about painting the entire front of the store black and installing that doorbell. People were wandering in and out, not getting off their cellphones, not acknowledging our greetings...and then she appeared. A dimnuitive, well put together woman. I offered her information - she said she was just "soaking it in, having been here before."

And then as she was leaving, she quietly approached me and explained that she had worked in traveling theatre for many years. She was a costumer, a designer and worked with the clothing of many, many designers. She considered herself a conceptual designer. And then she said it: "Your work is genius." She thought it was beautiful and intelligent and very, very good. Quite taken aback, by the combination of her quiet demeanor and her seriousness, I thanked her and said how nice that was to hear - sweet, even. Ack ! I used that "S" word. And she responded: "No! I am not sweet, nor am I nice. Really, I am not. I just like to tell the truth..."



  1. TRUTH is always easy on the ears...and I vote for Black Front and Doorbell..exclusive, serious and quiet. Build it and THESE types of people WILL come. Ahhh. XX