Sunday, October 28, 2012

Collection in full production...Does anyone care about this fabric and weight besides me?

Silk jersey as black and as slinky as Coco Chanel. Amazing couture silk in shaded browns (yes, I said brown) with felt and beaded paillettes - direct from Paris this summer. Only 3 metres to use sparingly. Combined with the black silk jersey and backed in silk chiffon, it hangs like a dream on the bias. Only 3 looks as that is all the fabric that I have. One of a kind. Black leather with Latigo lace hand-cut fringe, backed and lined with Cabana linen. Black of course. This will be my most reproducible capsule collection and the one that I will wear often. 5 looks. Hand-dyed 1930's Clarksville cotton/shredded drapery lace - we haven't gotten the color just right yet, Aaron and I are playing with different dyes to obtain just the grey/gray that speaks to us... with blue grey/gray underpinnings of cotton jersey...again the weight hangs it well and with the insane, unbalance of the lace overlay, it should sail down the runway...4 looks. Crazy ribbed rayon stretch long and ruched black fabric that will envelope the torso combined with heavy black knit, boned to create architectural proportions that take a brave one to wear...4 looks. 8 models - they all speak to me on different levels of creativity. So, what are you afraid of? De quoi avez-vous peur?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

De quoi avez-vous peur?

Preparing for my Fall/Winter/Now Collection: De quoi avez-vous peur?....So, what are you afraid of?
Tuesday, 13th November chez Justine's...more to follow...