Monday, December 20, 2010

The 5th day before Christmas... true loves (Todd & Samera! - thanks for the photo) gave to me: a Blackmail original leather and raw linen vest...

photos: Todd Wolfson, model: Samera Owhadian, vest: Blackmail $550.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Days 7 and 6 before Christmas.. true love gave to me, amazing photographers both amateur and professional that continue to document the life of Blackmail over the years...I love a restrospective.

"The Signs" photo: Scott Belding signs: Evan Voyles of The Neon Jungle

"Storefront" photo: Evan Gearing

"Dia de los Muertos window 2008" photo: Adrian Brumby velvet paintings: Federico

"We are more the same than different...Braille window" photo: Laurie Lee

"Before 13 years collection Fashion Show" photo: Elis Avellan

Friday, December 17, 2010

On the 10th,9th and 8th day before many gifts, so little time...

Exclusively at Blackmail and edited with care...jewels and accessories by these exciting artists...all under $100:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

11 days before Christmas...

"On the 11th day before Christmas, my true love gave to me...11 pair of Formplicity sterling silver earrings by Julie Konvicka. Retail price: $56-150."

The 12 days before Christmas... the countdown began yesterday... the 12 days before Christmas and what we have to offer:
"On the 12th day before Christmas, my true love gave to original Blackmail dress made of 1930's English cotton lace salvaged from the drapes of a home in Clarksville. Retail price: $1200..."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

L'Eclaireur...30 ans...mon coeur...

Ha! 13 years...well, L'Eclaireur has been doing it for 30. Thirty glorious years of fashion, evolution, inspiration and art...I miss my old life in Paris and when I go there it's like mainlining. I stick that needle in my arm and the juices ooze through my veins. I feel sleepy, giddy and then settle in with a smile of content on my face. I sleep late, eat many meals with friends, paw through piles of fabric, visit my favorite hidden shop for notions and then make my pilgrimage to L'Eclaireur, home of loveliness and provocativeness.

L'Eclaireur has changed over the years. I used to go and buy Ann Demeulemeester and Dirk Bikkembergs on the rue des Rosiers in the Marais. They still are the purveyors of my favorite Belgian designers but that location is now closed and they moved over to Sevigne: a jaw-dropping interactive space filled with elaborate, movable and contemplative installations. My ability to afford shopping there has been diminished but my addiction for my fix, "ma dose", hasn't...

But my favorite L'Eclaireur outpost has always been and remains behind the secret door on the rue Herold. No sign, no indication of a shop except for a tiny box...shhh! I shouldn't even tell you...
I want this to be my home..

I want this to be my living room...

ha! I worked with this woman many years ago...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Chopped meat...

The gorgeous, incomparable, Eva Anoma modeling the brown leather Butcher's Apron Skirt from Blackmail's 13 Years collection.

(photo courtesy of Fashionably Austin and necklace by Pamela Tuohy Jewelry.)

Retail: $800. Soft brown leather, with pleated black linen back skirt and kick pleat. Multi-strand wrap belt in leather. Size M. One-of-kind.
Call or email: for details.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Southern Jasmine...our new candle...

Now here for the Holidays, our personalized Southern Jasmine scented Blackmail candle. The candles are hand-crafted from a blend that is 80% soy for a cleaner, longer burning time of 60 hrs. The wick has a paper core and is lead-free. Each candle has our signature tattered fabric wrap and a vintage button from the coffres of our atelier.

Retail price: $ now to order and for shipping info: 512.326.7670 or email us at: or of course, Venez nous voir! Stop by and pick up a few in person!