Thursday, February 3, 2011

Klein blue...'s in my thoughts, in the thoughts of a friend/collaborator, in a book that I am reading...there's even an Australian punk band named after the color...

French artist, Yves Klein, a postmodernist, sometimes neo-Dadaist, started painting monochromes in the late 1940's..
"From the reactions of the audience, [Klein] realized that...viewers thought his various, uniformly colored canvases amounted to a new kind of bright, abstract interior decoration. Shocked at this misunderstanding, Klein knew a further and decisive step in the direction of monochrome art would have to be taken...From that time onwards he would concentrate on one single, primary color alone: blue."

He went on to produce art in many forms but I adored his devotion to a single color. It's on my mind...

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