Monday, February 21, 2011

Field trip with Skulls... friend Alton teases me about skulls. But, I have always been and still am a sucker for the macabre: skulls, spiders, bones, taxidermy...but all of the most luxurious kind. So, when I walked into Grange Hall in Dallas on the recommendation of my creative soul sister, Pamela Tuohy of 2ETN jewelry, I was in heaven. It was a quick scan and I felt at home. With Evan and the twins napping in the car before our next stop I perused the the delicately edited selection of curiousities, jewelry and art pieces and fell in love with many. The environment felt neither trendy nor too precious. It felt lovely and calm with inviting vitrines and exquisite displays and merchandising. The selection is not for everyone and I am sure - not unlike my shop -they get the misunderstanders, the questionable gawkers and the just plain "don't get its."

photos from the Urban Flower Grange Hall website

It's a wickedly delightful combination of precise buying on the level of the famed Parisian clothing boutiques: L'Eclaireur - but for gifts, combined with the curiousness of the taxidermied animals of Deyrolle, and augmented by the collector's feel of Sir John Soane's Museum in London. I want my clothing on their dress forms as art, draped in their selected bijoux.

So, now when people ask me, what is there do see in Dallas?...I can tell, they sell my absolute favorite scent of a brown candle from the Hotel Costes.

Don't miss this jewel.

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