Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Collection: Fall 2011...working on a dream

Oh, the collection...people - both designers and fashionistas alike - become obsessed with the idea. Of course, there is a challenge, a rhyme and a reason for it: a grouping of designs that are connected in some way by technique, shape, form, i.e. les points they would tell us in design school. But the constraints can also be deadening.
To have my atelier filled with disparate pieces simply because I flit from one inspiration to another may be good for me, but does not always make sense to the client. So, I put my head down and charge ahead - like a good Aries ram - and start the inevitable design process of pieces for fall. I live in Texas, I don't participate in Fashion Week, thus I am not showing for Spring 2012. Buyers are not coming to preorder for their stores deliveries in January. I design for the here and now. Fall 2011 will be on my racks for Fall 2011. Leather and linen, various tweeds, mens' suiting for womens' clothing...working on a dream.

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