Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inflatable balloons...aren't they all?

Last week, I took the students to Les Docks: Cite de la Mode...a new building along the Seine where there were 2 side-by-side exhibits of Balenciaga and Comme des Garcons...we talked of compare and contrast.
The 2 exhibits were shotgun like spaces. Balenciaga's focused on many vintage pieces: Victorian, Edwardian, ethnic and such that informed his design process. Much of it was black, displayed flat in glass top drawers. His couture pieces - displayed on mannequins - spoke to a timelessness of design. It was amazing to his direction - as he designed almost simultaneously in the era of Chanel - and how their approaches were so different. The students were amazed at his approach. Then on to the white room of Rei Kawakubo - large clear balloons, run by generators that kept them inflated, housed her collection "White Drama." The photos tend to say it all...

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