Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paris...on est là!

For those of you that follow my recently sparsely updated blog, I will quickly bring you up to date. I am currently in Paris for the summer with my twins and my assistant Gillian as I prepare to start teaching a course in "Fashion & Design". I applied for this job during the spring and surprisingly enough, I was hired. I am really looking forward to teaching these high school students from various countries that come to this program of French immersion and have the opportunity to take enrichment courses in several different domains including Global Politics, Drawing, Architecture and Fashion among others. The students live in a large dormitory/hotel in the 15eme while they'll be taking their courses at the Sorbonne. It's so nice to say that I'll finally be teaching at the Sorbonne after all my years of academics here.

Classes start on Friday and I'll have students for 3 weeks and 5 weeks. I've handed in my syllabus and meet with the director on Tuesday to go over lesson plans. I have several excursions for the students, including museum exhibits, a visit to an atelier and picking through the fabric markets.

So, I have decided to use this blog to document my summer of teaching in Paris and fashion discoveries and experiences. Of course I have 2 other blogs (doesn't everyone?)
Daily life and other dalliances will be chronicled in:
And bien sûr, the writing of the book, La Petite Zelda goes to Paris in

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