Monday, January 17, 2011

Search + Destroy for a new beginning...

...a dear friend of mine once sent me a postcard of the work of Mattia Biagi.
10 years ago he started dipping objects in black tar...the photos for me were transcendent...the tar blocked the tactile texture and shadow yet redefined the form. The black soaked up the emotion and feeling was brought out through the nooks, crannnies and drips of the hardening tar. One of his most famous pieces is the Teddy Bear:

"Consider the most representative work of Biagi: the Teddy Bear. Under the cover of tar, the toy doesn’t lose its characteristic contours but it is instantly recognizable: it is no longer the sweet childhood memory to hug and cuddle, but it becomes an icon of a lost innocence, powerfully evoked. It is not the teddy bear before our eyes right now, but everything is still connected to the image of the stuffed animal. It is the memory of us as children, the laughs, the games, the happy times, evoked thanks to the elegant and sinuous contours imprisoned under the tar." from the website

I am so inspired by these...look at clothing dipped in black paint, wax or tar this spring...

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