Friday, September 3, 2010

8 weeks...13 years...

...the countdown begins. I haven't done a full blown collection since 2003. Just bits and pieces, a dress here, trousers there, an evening gown for a black tie event:  lots of designs, too many ideas. Production has focused on filling the racks of my shop and selling. But now folks, presenting Blackmail's Fall/Winter Collection be unveiled in 8 weeks. Mostly everything is ready - NOT! Sketching continues, fabric is revealed, the groups of the collection have been decided on paper. I work with an overall inspiration and theme and then break it down into smaller groups: these groups are usually decided upon by the fabric. As with any collection, the "points forts" or specific characteristics that tie the presentation together will be apparent throughout: the turn of a collar, the finish of an edge, the line of the silhouette, the shoulder of a sleeve.
So, I think I have 4-6 groups with 4-5 pieces in each group...that's a lot of prototypes, a lot of sewing...8 weeks to revel in the 13 years that Blackmail has existed...

I will try to update bi-weekly and show the progress and steps as to how I work and approach this mountain. This week has been preparation: rearranging the atelier, expanding surfaces, organizing notions, going through bins of fabric and sketching...lots of sketching...

scribbles, sketches, ideas & leather

basic black linen, wool crepe, vintage rayon crepe, muslin

slopers and patterns to be adapted


  1. Bravo! Sign me up as a lovely assistant for the 48 hours running up to the show! Already making my travel arrangements from DC

  2. That's a very good and enthousiastic project. Don't forget to take pictures (or/and videos) of the different steps. The process is also very interesting. Have fun and good vibes ! Bises (Chris from Paris)