Sunday, August 8, 2010

Merci, Madame Darla...

So, it was a tough one.. that is to say, the photo shoot with my children, Creed & Zelda, in 100 degree heat, on the side of the road. There was a miniature church, a gaggle of geese, a crippled goat and 2 unwilling twins. Our beloved photographer had brought props - an amazing feathered Chief's Indian headdress that she had painfully constructed and that Creed adamantly refused to wear. She brought a wooden ring that Zelda promptly stepped on and cracked. The disco ball somehow survived as did the children; the adults - not so much! No matter how much supposedly psychological preparation had been done preparing the twins for the shoot, they both melted down almost immediately. As soon as la petite Zelda descended from the car: "I want to go back in!" Creed, on the other hand, in a vintage velvet mariachi jacket and shredded pants, flatly refused to stop moving and was distracted and as non-compliant as a buzzing mosquito. Thus, here as the amazing portraits that Darla Teagarden was able to capture before, during and after the crazy, brief morning:

Creed & Zelda
the only time together when they weren't running

the Prairie Mystic


... all photos by Darla Teagarden


  1. beautiful work ... beautiful

  2. These are so amazing and beautiful. Completely rad!

  3. Absolutely amazing!! your children are beautiful
    Cherie Mathews Austin Tx
    the photographer is brilliant

  4. These images are beautiful. I love Darla's photos. I wish I could sit for her. Your children are lucky to be her subjects. What a treat.

  5. They are beautiful... you must be so very proud of them.